Leading investment consulting for individuals and companies alike Multi family office catered to serve emerging families

Investment solutions tailor made for you

For families or investors that have capital, yet not enough to interest the top multi family offices, we are here for you. We are a boutique multi family office that brings experience and deep rooted knowledge to the table together with the vision of taking the top 20% of families to the next level. 

Our specialties include

Investment Consulting

Expert investment consultation
from real estate to high tech 

Wealth Management

Capitalize on and safeguard your
wealth for generatoins to come 

Global Capital Solutions 

Let us handle your investment portfolio
with a team of experts born to invest 


In order to take on the difficult tasks we took on ourselves and come up on top, Agere Capital has recruited the best minds on the market with hands on and proven experience to join our small yet elite team.

As a boutique investment firm and family office, we can only achieve success by being the best. Our goal to enable the top 20% of families and individuals to rise above their capacity is crucial for us as it is for them. We spare no efforts in attaining the ultimate results for all of our clients.


At Agere Capital we employ a multi disciplinary advisory team who are at the core of our firm. The advisory team consists of investment veterans in varied fields of at least fifteen years who have had substantial success in their previous dealings and who hold a large percent of their own capital in investments they themselves conducted. 

In addition to the advisory team we hold a network of global affiliates who assist in research, intel and negotiations.

 Our global affiliate network is vetted by our own internal team and audited for excellence.

To close the loop, we have a team of project managers who tailor make and implement all projects from start to finish. Our project managers are also from the best in the world having extensive experience, certification and deep investment knowledge.


Agere Capital is a boutique investment and multi family office which specializes in investments, wealth management and global capital solutions. Our office caters mostly to Europe, Asia and Africa.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of global connections and trusted affiliates. Our firm creates leading solutions for investors and corporate clients and creates lasting and long term relationships.

With a strong background in wealth management, investments and portfolio management Agere Capital leads the way for investors who want to create more with what they have.

Investment consulting

Agere Capital offers leading investment consulting as well as project finance solutions and strategic consulting. With extensive experience and knowledge, Agere Capital can point you in the right direction regarding your financial future.

Wealth Management

At the core of wealth management are portfolio management, family continuity, asset management and risk planning. Agere Capital offers a dedicated team of experts in their own fields to consult, plan and implement all aspects of the family office in order to leave you to both enjoy your wealth and be confident of your future wealth.

Global Capital solutions

If you are interested in entrusting your money to someone who understands business and understand investments, trust in Agere Capital. Our project managers together with our investment advisors will formulize a strategy for you according to your criteria and implement it in order to drive the highest yields for your money.



If you would like to hear more or schedule a meeting please don’t hesitate to write us.